Infinite loop

Art, Exhibition, Field recording, Installation, Robot, Sound, Theatrical play

Hills and Valleys

Art, Artificial Intelligence, Computer, GAN, Image generation, Imagination, Machine learning, Website

Contemporary art onLine 4U in Bourges (CLUB) website

Bourges, Communication, ENSA Bourges, Pods, Timber, Website, Wordpress


Art, Bourges, Computer, Feedback, Installation, Puredata, Sound, Synthetic voice

Voice of Maxime Marion

Artificial Intelligence, Installation, LSTM, RNN, Sound, Sound generation, Synthetic voice

Computer story

Art, Computer, GAN, Installation, Machine learning, Synthetic voice, Theatrical play, Writing

Le Havre

Analog video, Artificial Intelligence, Error, Le Havre, Object Detection, Surveillance, YOLO3

Histoire(s) d’internet

Art, Internet, Website, Writing

Imaginary boobs

Art, Artificial Intelligence, Boobs, Censorship, GAN, Image generation, Imagination, Instagram, Internet, Machine learning, Nudity

Webcam image to sound with machine learning

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Music, Performance, Sound, Webcam