Infinite loop

Art, Exhibition, Field recording, Installation, Robot, Sound, Theatrical play

13.04 - 27.04.2022

Hongti art center
Busan, South Korea

In this exhibition, "Infinite Loop," I suggest looking at two infinite loops of different characteristics: A snapshot of endless repetition and machines repeating the same action.

In the first loop, with two works: "Track - trace before 010" and "Soundscape - Jungangdaero," we can look back on something forgotten, will be forgotten and we can also foresee something not yet forgotten but maybe will be, and is forgotten but can be returned anytime.

In the second loop, with two works: "Repeating_things[12]" and "Crawling_things[8]", machines do a simple action endlessly and make unexpected results between them. I wanted to ask us what we could feel from these machines.

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