Musical performance with controled feedback effect

Alchemy, Feedback, Music, Performance, Pitch shift, Sound, Sound generation


Musical performance with controlled acoustic feedback effect, which generates various sounds by manipulations of a simple circuit. While playing, I can't predict exactly how the sound will be generated, but I listen and react to play music which is also feedback.

Played at
2019 Pendulum2, Somme toute (Clermont-Ferrand, FR)
2019 Opening of exhibition "Le Ciel va couler cette nuit", Le Château d'eau (Bourges, FR)
2019 Opening of exhibition "Impossible n'est rien", l'Hotel de la Région de Rouen, (Rouen, FR)
2017 Radio « We are ear / La Nuit du Sphinx » - PiedNu (Le Havre, FR)
2017 No looper - PiedNu (Le Havre, FR)

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